3 Crucial Tips When Selling Your RV

Owning an RV is great because it lets you travel across the country, with access to much of the same amenities that a home has. Your lifestyle may have changed a bit, though, and now the RV is just collecting dust. If you're thinking about selling a motorhome it, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Give it a Makeover

Before you're ready to show interested consumers your RV, you should first give it a makeover. Only then will it be desirable and sell quickly. There are plenty of ways you can update your RV, without going too far over budget.

You could, for example, give it a fresh coat of paint. Acrylic urethane paints are pretty affordable today, and there are also kits you can purchase that can help you save on professional labor.

After improving the exterior, you should focus on the interior and give it a thorough clean. Be sure to wipe down all surfaces and remove any traces of trash. Also make sure the interior is odor-free, as you don't want RV shoppers to be put off right when they open the doors.

Come up with a Fair Asking Price

A huge determinant of whether your RV sells or not is the asking price. You don't want to price the RV too high or too low. The trick is to find the perfect middle ground, where you and the buyer are happy.

You can come up with a fair and accurate price by having your RV professionally appraised. Or, you can look online and see what RVs of the same make, year model, and condition are going for in your area. You'll then have a fairly accurate starting point for your asking price.

Choose a Selling Method 

Today, there are several ways you can sell your RV. You can either sell your RV at a dealership or do it yourself. When you opt to sell at a dealership, you probably won't get as much money as you could if you sold it yourself. The dealership is there to make as much money as they can, after all. However, dealerships often will buy your RV on the spot.

When you sale independently, you can raise the asking price and probably get more money. The only downside is the selling process could take much longer, as you have to line up the perfect buyer who's willing to give you what you want for it. 

If you're done exploring the nation in your fun and comfortable RV, selling it may be a viable option. Make sure this process goes smoothly by following the correct protocol, ever before your RV is listed on the market or taken to a dealership.