Purchasing An Extended Warranty For A Used Vehicle? What You Need To Know

If you have just purchased a used vehicle, you may be considering purchasing an extended warranty. An extended warranty protects your investment and ensures you won't have to make costly, unexpected repairs if something goes wrong. However, not all used car warranties are the same. Learning what factors you need to consider will help you select the used vehicle warranty that is ideal for you. Here are a few things you need to know when purchasing an extended warranty for a used car.

Where the Used Car Can Be Repaired

An important factor to consider when buying an extended warranty for a used car is where the car can be repaired at when repairs are needed. If you have purchased the used car warranty from a small, local auto dealer, you may be able to only take it to them for repairs. However, if you have purchased a warranty from a vehicle manufacturer, you may be able to take the car to any manufacturer's service center. Likewise, many companies that only sell warranties, not cars and warranties, have contracts with different repair centers, allowing you to take your car to a variety of places. Finding out where you can go and how convenient it is for you is a must when purchasing these warranties.

What the Deductible Is

When you purchase an extended warranty, you will often have a deductible. This means you have to pay some money out of pocket before your warranty kicks in. This is to prevent people from using their warranty to cover minor repairs. The amount of the deductible varies from company to company, but typically fall anywhere from the $50 to $150 mark. Always carefully consider how much the deductible is as you shop for a used vehicle extended warranty.

What Factors Can Void a Warranty

The last factor to consider as you shop for an extended warranty for a used vehicle is what factors can void a warranty. Some warranties may be voided if you don't have maintenance work done in a timely fashion, while some can be voided if that maintenance work isn't done at an authorized dealership or repair center. If you prefer to change your oil yourself, or have a friend do it, this is something to consider, as you may have to pay more for an authorized center to do it. Additionally, making changes to your vehicle, such as adding a spoiler or replacing the muffler can void your warranty with some companies. If you want to make changes to your vehicle, you will want to find a warranty that won't be voided by adding on features.