Why You Want Tinted Windows In Your New RV

When you're shopping around for a new or used RV, you will face several big decisions. One such decision is whether or not the RV needs to have tinted windows. This may not seem like that big of a decision and honestly, it can be made easily, but some buyers don't realize the benefits of tinted windows and may not think that it is a necessity. Below, you will learn of the benefits that come with tinted RV windows.


If you plan to use your RV to stay in campgrounds, you could experience the "fish bowl" effect. Not every campsite is set up to provide you serenity and privacy, but tinted windows could prevent that feel that everyone is looking in at you.

Tinted windows will allow you to enjoy your time in the RV without worrying that someone can see you getting dressed between the cracks in the shades, allow you to shower with little concern and even enjoy the delicious meals prepared in the rv kitchen.


RVs can become hot-boxes during the summer. The sun beating down on the metal box on wheels can quickly cause things to become uncomfortable. Of course you will have an air conditioning unit to keep things cool, but when temperatures skyrocket, even it can struggle to keep the internal temperatures comfortable.

Tinted windows will help to limit the amount of sun that comes shining through the windows causing the temperature to rise. This is especially beneficial when you are on the road and have little shade to keep you cool.

Damage Protection

The sun shining through all of the windows can cause a lot of damage. The tinted windows will filter the harmful rays that cause carpeting, upholstery and even wood to become damaged. Without the tinted windows, the carpeting and upholstery will eventually become discolored and the wood could begin to dry, crack and fade.

Sleeping Comfort

When you're out camping, you probably don't want to wake up at the crack of dawn. You want to enjoy your time and sleep in. The tinted windows can make it easier for you to fight the sun and sleep in the morning without being disrupted. Not to mention the fact that you can sleep while on the road during the day so you can take your turn driving through the night.

Talk with your local RV dealer to find the right RV for you – the one equipped with tinted windows.