A Quick Guide To Excavator Maintenance

If you have an excavator vehicle to help you in your construction jobs, it is crucial to maintain this machinery to its highest standards. This is incredibly important if you rely on this excavator throughout the course of your business, since repair issues can cause serious setbacks to your construction timetable. For a great guide to taking care of your excavator, follow these three pieces of advice. 

#1: Be Mindful Of The Fluids That Are Used In Your Excavator 

When you need to be sure that your excavator is well taken care of, you will need to start with the fluids that are used in it. The care of these fluids will make it so that all of the moving parts in your excavator are cared for and so that your engine remains lubricated. Use nothing but fourth tier oils in your engine, so that the parts are preserved and so that your emissions are cleaner. Quality oil lengthens the life of your engine, while poor oil virtually guarantees your engine will fail before it's time. You should also keep parts like the pins greased and only operate your excavator with the best diesel fuel you can purchase. 

#2: Periodically Check And Swap Out Your Filters

The filters used throughout your excavator machinery keeps it free of debris and impurities. When you allow this debris to find its way into your systems, it can cause clogging and backup that will cause all of your excavator components to suffer. You will save a lot of money in unnecessary repairs when you change out your filters frequently. To know when to change out your filters, periodically check them to make sure they are not backed up and covered with material. 

#3: Keep The Underside Of Your Excavator Clean And Well Maintained

The underside of your excavator may involve as much, if not more maintenance and attention than any other component, since this is the part that digs and breaks up ground. You should always make sure that the rubber soling is free of tears and that none of the sprockets are loose. By taking the time to keep this undercarriage in the finest condition, not only will the vehicle retain greater control and grip into the ground, the excavator parts will be more effective. 

Follow the advice above and use it for your excavator, so that you can get the most out of your groundbreaking and construction needs. Contact a company like Scott Equipment to learn more.