3 Features To Look For In A Vehicle For Your Disaster Plan

One of the most important parts of any disaster plan is the bugout vehicle that you will use to get your family, friends, and supplies to a safe place so that you can ride out the disaster securely. A few of the most important features to look for in a vehicle to incorporate into your disaster plan are storage, off-road capability, and durability.


Durability is going to be a key part of the ideal bugout vehicle because you may have to traverse rough terrain in order to get to your bugout location. Since many bugout locations are in rural or wild areas, you will want a vehicle that can handle bumpy roads and trails without falling apart. This is very important because you do not want your evacuation vehicle to die on a rough road and leave you stranded miles from safety.

One of the most rugged and durable vehicles to consider for your bugout vehicle is a truck. Trucks need to be durable because they are often pushed to their limits by their owners in some pretty harsh applications, such as farming and construction.


You will also want to consider buying a vehicle that is capable of going off of paved roads without a problem. This is because you may have to avoid main roads when leaving a city during a disaster, mostly because the roads will often be clogged by other people trying to get out of the city. This means that you may have to drive down unpaved roads or dirt trails. 

In addition, you never know when there might be an obstruction in the road that will force you to go off the road in order to go around the obstacle. As a result, some of the best vehicles to consider are trucks and SUVs.


Finally, a good bugout vehicle for your disaster prepping will include a lot of space to store your supplies. The vehicle is going to need to store enough medical supplies, food, water, and fuel to make it through the disaster situation. While both SUVs and trucks are great choices for a bugout vehicle due to their much larger than average cargo spaces, the SUV has the added advantage of allowing you to store your items within the vehicle's cabin.

This is a great feature because it will keep your supplies safe from the elements. In addition, the supplies won't be immediately visible, which will lower the odds that people who did not plan well will notice your supplies and attempt to steal them.

Visit a local dealership like Western Avenue Nissan in order to see and test drive all of the vehicles that would make great additions to your survival plan. A great vehicle to add to your survival plan will have room for plenty of supplies, be durable, and be capable of going off-road if necessary.