Experiencing Freedom: 3 Top East Coast Motorcycle Routes

If you are a motorcyclist or have just purchased a new motorcycle and are ready to hit the road, there are many places along the East Coast for you to enjoy the weekend or even your summer vacation. The East Coast is home to the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful coastal highways, the Great Smoky Mountains and a variety of other landmarks and sites to see. If you are looking for a picturesque way to spend some time on the open road, here are a few suggestions.

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you like the thrill of winding mountain roads combined with historic monuments, the Blue Ridge Parkway provides another spot for motorcycle enthusiasts. This expansive stretch of roadway can be located from Virginia and through many portions of North Carolina. If you head towards the southern portion of the United States, you'll find that nearly all interstates have access roads into the parkway, so you can travel the whole distance or choose your entrance point. You do have to watch your speed when traveling along the parkway however, because the maximum speed is only 45 mph. Helmets are also required.

US Route 6

The U.S. Route 6 doesn't stay entirely along the east coast, but if you are in the mood for adventure this road is definitely a popular route. It runs from one coast of the United States to the other, or from Oregon to Massachusetts. Historians will appreciate the many stops along the way, like the 252 Pilgrim Monument or the Provincetown Museum. Along the East Coast in New England, you can sit down and eat with the locals at one of the restaurants that was established along with the colonies. 

New England Coast

Many cyclists claim the northeast region of the United States is one of the most beautiful places to see while on a motorcycle. There are several hundred miles of coastline that runs from New York State and Canada and through New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts. This area was discovered by some of the earliest European settlers, so it is a place that is alive with history. The seasons are distinct, so you can go during specific times of the year depending on what kind of weather you enjoy most. The most popular route is along US 1.

There is not much that compares to the freedom of a bike ride across the country. The east coast has a lot of spots that motorcyclists can visit and take advantage of the beautiful scenery and attractions. You simply need to choose which terrain you enjoy most. For more information on which motorcycle to select for your journey, contact a company like Duke City Harley-Davidson.